“Boredom is always counterrevolutionary. Always.” Guy Debord

I am Independent researcher, with special interest in policy design and the social impacts of digital information and ICTs, particularly on open government and public participation. Proficient in the theory and practice of deliberative democracy and computer-mediated communications. Skilled developer, manager and evaluator open government and open data projects and programs. Experienced professional in the international cooperation for development. Effective team leader and communicator. Extensive knowledge in open government, open data, transparency, citizen engagement and civic innovation.

I am an ambitious, outgoing and multilingual professional with solid educational background in media science and political science. Fascinated with Internet technologies and the way they shape the future of our society, I have gained comprehensive experience working in companies, institutions and fast-growing organizations with a focus on digital environments and the information society. I’ve proven myself in a variety of roles reaching from a leading research projects, policy advise to governments, executive director of a non-for profit organization, to a confident senior project manager familiar with highly collaborative work environments.

I have worked extensively on the technical, legal and policy aspects of open government and open data as a policy advisor for governments and leading organizations around the world. I am particularly interested in research on the feasibility and impact of open data initiatives in developing countries.

I am honoree member of the Advisory board of the Open Knowledge Foundation and co-founder and Chairman of the OKF German Chapter. I am also member of the steering committee of the Open Data Working Group of the Open Government Partnership and a mentor within the ODDC research network.

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