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Boredom is always counterrevolutionary. Always. - Guy Debord

I am a researcher, writer, activist and curator at the intersection of media, technology, and society. I am passionate about empowering people for social change.

I am inspired by critical thinkers and people who make a difference to help to make the world a better place. A better world for all is based on human rights, justice, equality, respect, autonomy, and self-determination.

To add my bit, I became an activist and human rights defender early on. I engaged in local and international social movements and co-founded several civil society initiatives.

I am passioned helping others to strategically use technology and data for evidence-based advocacy to empower people and communities in their quest for social change.

I enjoy good conversations, contemplation, reading philosophical and political books, sailing, cooking, learning from people and different cultures, and exploring the joys and adventures of life.

Daniel Dietrich

You can learn more about me, access my short bio with a photo or follow my tweets. You can also find me onĀ Linkedin.