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Social Networks und Datenschutz: Vom falschen Gefühl der Sicherheit

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Drei sehr gute Artikel widmen sich dem Konflikt um Facebooks Änderungen an seinen Nutzungsbedingungen und der Frage welche Schlüsse draus zu ziehen sind.

Facebook Battle Ends in Major Victory for Users, But the War Continues meint Marcia in einem Beitrag für EFF Updates

A David and Goliath-type battle erupted this weekend when the public realized that Facebook had changed the rules governing their use of the popular social networking site. In the end, the users prevailed in a victory that reflects the power of social networking as a tool for change. The controversy began on Sunday, when the blog Consumerist pointed out that Facebook’s terms of use, which had permitted users to remove their content from the site at any time, had been modified to give Facebook the right to use content indefinitely, subject to privacy settings.

Bei TechCrunch schreibt Facebook Opens Up Its Terms Of Service To Input From Users

After the uproar that ensued when Facebook tried to change its terms of service a couple weeks ago, along with its subsequent backpedaling and public assurances that users own their data, the company is trying a different tack. It is inviting users to comment and contribute on proposed changes to its terms of service. Facebook has posted a proposed set of Facebook Principles and proposed Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Members can discuss these proposals in two groups dedicated to each set of statements (here and here, respectively).

During a conference call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained:

“We do not own user data, they own their data. We never intended to give that impression and we feel bad that we did.”

Vor einem falschen Gefühl von Sicherheit warnt Bill Thomson: A false sense of security

“We are storing up trouble as we surf the web, signing up for services, offering our personal details, clicking through on contracts without reading them and generally acting as if nothing can go wrong”

Sehr zu empfehlen auch dieses Video zum Thema: Social websites: bad for kids’ brains?

Facebook’s emphasis on the social von Darren Waters auf: BBC NEWS | blog

I’ve just come off the phone with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, who has been explaining a little more about the changes taking place at the social network, which are designed to “democratise” how the website behaves and operates in the future. “Openness”, “transparency” and “dialogue” were the three words he used more than any other in the course of my five-minute slot with him. Facebook has responded quickly and boldly to what Zuckerberg himself called a “firestorm” from users after the firm had made changes to its terms of services without informing any of its users. “We should have been communicating more broadly. Being as transparent as possible is a really valuable thing,” said Mr Zuckerberg in relation to that recent controversy. “We made a few mistakes,” he admitted.

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