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Zur Nominierung von Aneesh Chopra zum national “Chief Technology Officer”

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Die Nominierung von Aneesh Chopra zum neuen und ersten CTO “Chief Technology Officer” der Obama Administration wind in der US Amerikanischen Öffentlichkeit durchweg positiv bewertet. Die neu geschaffene Position des CTO soll helfen die von Präsident Obama angekündigte Entwicklung zu mehr Transparenz und mehr demokratischer Mitbestimmung voranzubringen.

Wikipedia beschreibt den Begriff CTO wie folgt:

Der Chief Technical Officer oder Chief Technology Officer (CTO), zu deutsch etwa Technischer Leiter, ist für die technische Entwicklung und Forschung innerhalb eines Unternehmens verantwortlich.

Tim O’ Reilly begründet ausführlich waum er die Nominierung von Aneesh Chopra für eine gute Entscheidung hält: Why Aneesh Chopra is a Great Choice for Federal CTO

The news has now been leaked that President Obama intends to nominate Aneesh Chopra as the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer. The Federal CTO will be an assistant to the President, as well as the Associate Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. He will work closely with Vivek Kundra, the recently-named Federal CIO, to develop and implement the President’s ambitious technology agenda. According to one background document I was given access to, the White House describes the relationship between the CIO and CTO roles as follows: The responsibilities of the CIO are to use information technology to transform the ways in which the government does business. The CTO will develop national strategies for using advanced technologies to transform our economy and our society, such as fostering private sector innovation, reducing administrative costs and medical errors using health IT, and using technology to change the way teachers teach and students learn. Some in Silicon Valley have hoped for one of their own, a CTO with a deep technology pedigree and ties to the technology industry. For example, the Techcrunch coverage leads with the title Obama Spurns Silicon Valley. This is a narrow view. I’ve been working for much of the past year to understand what many have been calling Government 2.0, and in that process, Chopra has been one of those who have taught me the most about how we can build a better government with the help of technology. He is an excellent choice as Federal CTO, for many reasons.

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