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Gender und social media

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In einem schönen Artikel auf “Collective Thoughts” widmet sich Ryan der Frage welche Rolle “Gender” für das Nutzungsverhalten von social Networks und social Media spielt.

Gender Differences In Social Media Participation

I think women put more emphasis, focus and time into their social media browsing than men. Men seem to be very ADHD with social media, jumping from news story to story, whereas I’ve noticed women take slow time and incorporate what they read more into their daily life and lifestyle planning.” Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal So before getting to a list of some observations and a handful of insightful quotes from my social media friends, let’s draw a conclusion. I believe that the social media professional will be much more successful at his or her craft when taking gender differences seriously. The key, really, is to understand the needs of each person you interact with. Offer them something in return. But don’t assume that everyone wants the same thing. Take the time to understand what motivates each of your social media friends and go above and beyond the call of duty to interact with them so that when it comes time that you need something, they are eager to help. And remember that it’s very easy to wear out a social relationship of any kind (marriage, friendship, business) if one party is not having his or her needs met or if one person is carrying too much of the burden. Before ending this article I’ve included a few more general observations that come from various social media friends who chose to be anonymous. We’d love for you to add your thoughts in the comments.
  • Men often make accounts that look like attractive females for pragmatic purposes (to motivate more action by other social media participants)
  • Women tend to use Twitter more for chatting and real conversations
  • Men tend to use Twitter more for marketing
  • Women are more likely to forward chain emails
  • Men are more comfortable with manipulative behavior so long as it helps them acheive their goals
  • Women like sites that facilitate discussions about life and offer a peek into others’ lives
  • With men, social cooperation comes down to swapping favors
  • With women, you have to earn social cooperation through relationship

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