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Boredom is always counterrevolutionary. Always. - Guy Debord

My name is Daniel Dietrich. I was born 1973 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I live, dream and work in Berlin since 1999. In 2016 I moved to The Hague in the Netherlands.

I am passionate about empowering people for social change. I do research, advocacy as well as consultancy and policy advice on manifold issues on the knowledge society and the digital age. I am an independent researcher, writer, activist and curator at the intersection of media, technology, and society.

You can grap my short bio plus a picture and follow my tweets, and review some of my recent writings. You can also find me on linkedin.


I have always been interested in empowering people to use information, media, and technology for advocacy and social change. Freedom, autonomy, and self-determination are core values for a humanist, democratic and egalitarian society of free people in free collaborations. I am inspired by people standing up and making a difference for human rights and digital rights, including freedom of expression, access to information, transparency and accountability, open government, open data as well as privacy and anonymity.

Civic Engagement

Since the mid 1990’s I am engaged in several civil society organisations on issues of the digital age. Since 1998 I engaged in the Peopls Global Action and I helped create the international Independent Media Centers (IMCs) Network and its German branch, in supporting political activist groups to ‘become the media’ covering social movements from bottom up. In 2001 I engaged in a local tech collective named ‘lotec‘ in Berlin, running free courses and training on media and technology for activist groups such as refugee organisations, anti-racist groups, feminists and anarchists, squatters, and LGBTQ communities. Together with other tech activists groups we supported initiatives like Kein Mensch ist illegal, the No Border Network and the No Border Camps (1998-2003) with mobile media stations, internet, radio and video streams, and self made media coverage. I joined the Berlin based independent tech project aiming to provide independent technical infrastructure for acitivists goups. I am member of digital rights organisation Digitale Gesellschaft and the Chaos Computer Club. In 2008 I co-founded the Open Data Network.

Professional Experience

I have extensive experience working on the technical, legal and policy aspects of open government and open data, transparency, and accountability, as a senior consultant and policy advisor for governments and leading organizations around the world. I am an experienced developer, manager, and evaluator of international projects and programs in cooperation for development in thematic areas including good governance, transparency and accountability and citizen engagement. I am an effective team leader and communicator with excellent leadership and communication skills.

Today I am working as senior programme manager on Open Contracting at the Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries, Department Open Society Transparency and Accountability. Over the last years, I have worked as a researcher, consultant and policy advisor with the various leading organization including Open Knowledge International, Open Data Institute, World Bank, GIZ, UNDP, and others. Most recently I have worked as an international consultant and senior policy advisor with the Division for Public Administration and Development (DPADM) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) on their Open Government Data program.

I have joined the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) in 2009, were I help coordinate the Open Definition and the working group on Open Government Data. I am the co-founder of the German Chapter of Open Knowledge International and have served as the Director from 2011 to 2016, today I remain member of the executive board. From 2011 to 2013 I worked on behalf of the OKF as an editor of the European Commission funded platform on public sector information, the ePSI platform. Until 2011 I worked as a Research Associate at the Technical University Berlin, Department of Internet and Society. Before 2011 I have worked several years as project manager & consultant in the IT industry.


I am honouree member of the Advisory board of Open Knowledge International and co-founder and member of the executive board of its German Chapter. I am co-founder and member of the steering committee of the international civic tech network Code for All and advisor to its local implementation Code for Germany. I am also member of the steering committee of the Open Data Working Group of the Open Government Partnership and a steward of the International Open Data Charter.

Publications & Conferences

I am author of several studies and have organised international conferences on open government, open data, transparency, citizen engagement and civic tech, including the Open Data Handbook, the Beyond Access Report, and UN DESA’s Guidelines on Open Government Data for Citizen Engagement and sectoral and country reports at the European Comission’s ePSIplatform.EU now part of the European Data Portal. I have helped co-organising several international converences including the Open Data Camp, Open Knowledge Festival, International Open Data Conference and others.

Skills & Interests

Interests in tags: human and digital rights, privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of information, open government, open data, transparency, accountability, participation, citizen engagement, empowerment, emancipation.

Skills in tags: project management, research, analysis, evaluation, policy, conception, consultation, communication, strategy, information design, user-centered design, usability, deliberation, design thinking, data-driven decision making, advocacy, visualization.