Her sole film, shot in the United States, is a short fic- tional film: Abu Goumazah, Khalid Mahmoud. His co-directed first feature was produced by a French-based company. He worked as a cameraman for news and docu- mentaries in Ramallah. Jane Doe , 3′, Mini DV.

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Peace12′, Mini DV. Whatever the case, the film captures the full flavor of Gibran’s floridly lyrical style through its static declama- tory dialogue, full of aphorisms and hajtham sentiments, and through the overlaying of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concer- to at emotional high points throughout. He studied filmmaking in Moscow and subse- quently worked as a documentary filmmaker for Syrian television. Though I have made every effort to check the information given, errors and omissions are inevitable in a work of this nature, and I would welcome contact from any readers who can help correct the mistakes and fill the gaps. Making Cinema American, Berke- ley: He has also taught at the Birzeit University in Palestine.

He has worked for Abu Dhabi television and as cameraman on a number of shorts.

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Beneath the surface farce, The Nights of the Jackal has a serious message about the place of the traditional Arab male, and of Syria, in the modern world. Studied at Zayed University. Short films, sho,ali for chil- dren: Following the success of his first feature, he made some twenty-four com- mercial feature films between andsome co-produced with Syria.

Al-Marzouqi, Amena Abdul Aziz.

haitham shomali

Divided in the nineteenth century, the largely unacces- sible and reclusive North became indepen- dent when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated, while the South remained a British colony, better known as Aden. Portrait of Memories17′. Al-Yasseri35mmPalestine: But the title of this, the General Organi- sation for Cinema and Theatre, points to the lack of autonomy of filmmaking in Iraq at this time.


Haitham Shomali Watan Elsalam هيثم الشوملي وطن السلام

There seems to have been no filmmaking in Iraq before independence inand the late s features which did emerge were shot either as co-productions by experienced Egyp- tian directors or by a Frenchman identified by Yves Tboraval as Andre Chotin46 who was invited to shoot haithak first feature at the newly opened Baghdad studios. Direc- tor of the second channel of Syrian television from The Story of a Return a.

His short and documentary films include zhomali made during his studies: There are many features common to both Maghreb and Mashreq, the first of which has already been noted: The Arabs had all these. But many of the other new Palestinian directors lacked this background. What they all had in common was a concern with creating images documenting Palestin- ian life. As part of the highly professional orga- nization of its film industry, Egypt has devel- oped an accepted path to filmmaking: He left Iraq in to study the philosophy of art in Paris.

She joined Ramad Films in Paris and worked as producer for its founder, Omar Amiralay, on several films.

The third part, Cine- ma al-Dunya, has not been realized. The names of those who have completed at least one fictional or documentary feature-length film shot on 35mm, 16mm film, or in some video format are distinguished by being set in capital let- ters.


Born in in Saudi Arabia, he stud- ied philosophy and film in London. Enigmatic6′, Mini DV.

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In he settled in Paris, where he made feature-length telefilms: Has worked for some years as cameraman and graphic designer in Kuwaiti TV. There were regular assassination attempts on whoever assumed power, and further coups inwhich brought the Baath Party to power for the first time, and inwhich re- established its rule. He also worked in television and directed just one film for cinema release. Part 1 comprises an alphabetical listing of all the Arab filmmakers from the Middle East whom I have been able to locate.

In Algeria, it was a Frenchman, Jacques Charby, who shot the first Algerian-produced feature film after inde- pendence. All this changed with the discovery of oil in the s and its exploitation after World War II. He became a scriptwriter and produc- er hwitham the shkmali service of the Sulinate of Oman and was also involved in student and drama organizations.

But since the writer died init seems inevitable that the script, though based on his autobiogra- phy, was in fact adapted by a professional screenwriter. Sarkha18′, video.

haitham shomali

He also appeared as an actor in numerous shorts.